Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oven Mitts

During the summer, we do a lot of cooking on the grill.  Okay, by “we” I mean Pete.  I don’t actually step near the grill.  Although I do prep the food so that makes it a “we” effort, right?  I usually wrap our vegetables in foil packets in an attempt to have Pete cook our entire dinner outside on the grill during those sweltering days of summer.  When we try to unwrap them, hot off the grill, Pete always complains about the foil burning his fingers.  I usually call him a wimp and unwrap them with my bare hands.

The other day, we went to Starbucks.  I grabbed a seat to check my blood sugar while Pete ordered our coffees.  As he brought them over, he said they were so hot they were burning him and went off to get us those thermal sleeve thingies.  Call me pig-headed, but I had to see how hot the paper coffee cup really was.  And it wasn’t hot at all.  Wimp!!


Cue the guilt-music.  Now re-read the paragraph above.  Especially the line about checking my blood sugar.  You see, I test between 8 and 12 times every day.  I’ve realized that the scar tissue I’ve developed on my poor over-pricked fingers are my permanent little oven-mitts.  And the perhaps my husband isn't such a wimp after all.  Sorry, Sweetpea!


  1. Ha - I never thought about that before. I envision each fingertip wearing it's own oven glove now. Sort of like Kitten Mittons. (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, anyone?)

  2. This is amazing - I've never thought about why I never use coffee sleeves, but this makes perfect sense!!

    Tiny skin mitts. LOVE. IT.

  3. Kitten Mittens ahahah!

    I'm gonna have to get my kid to carry my coffee from now on! The hidden perks of diabetes! ;P

  4. Yeah, but....that's just the ends of your fingers. Do you test in the area right below your fingers? The middle of your palm? The soft cushiony area under your thumb? If not (or if not often) then you ARE tough. You can hold scalding coffee cups like no other.

  5. OMG...yep...a definite perk for sure. Like Shannon, I'll have my son, Joe, carry my His callouses creep me out a bit to be honest. Especially the ones that the lancet pokes and then doesn't retract b/c it is stuck in the callous...OK, maybe TMI.

    Tell Pete we will cut him some slack in the Wimp Dept.

  6. Crazy food - er, I mean - coffee for thought!!!!!

  7. I often think about this, how de-sensitized my fingers have become. It's kind of depressing, so I'm glad you given it a positive spin!

  8. Poor Pete! I would never have thought about that. Hmmm - Nate (when old enough)can be my grill master and coffee toter!


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