Monday, August 9, 2010

Open letter to my favorite restaurants . . . .

Hello lover,

How are you this morning?  I adore you.  I adore you even more during this steamy summer when it’s too hot to even think about stepping near the stove.  We had a little fling last evening, when I returned home from BlogHer completely exhausted.  I think we can agree I showed you just how much I love you last night.

But every relationship has it’s rocky parts.  And ours is no exception.  There is something I need that you just aren’t giving me.  I think you know what I’m talking about.  Remember last night, after our little tryst, when I got hit with that bad low?

Carb Counts

I Need Carb Counts!!

That’s right.  I said it.  I need carb counts.  And I don’t really think I’m asking too much.  After all, I’m beginning to see calorie counts popping up on many menus.  If you can post calories, I don’t see why you can’t post carbs.

Honestly, calorie counts are nice to see, but they really don’t do much for me or my diabetes-pals.  It’s the carbs that make us squeal.  It’s the carb information that can make the difference between a wonderful evening out at a restaurant and an aggravating evening trying to keep blood sugars from crashing or fighting to get stubborn highs back into range.  Either of these scenarios could likely be avoided if you just give us some guidance on the carb counts.

Oh dear restaurants, we’ve had a long history and I see many more tête-à-têtes in our future.  So please, please, help a girl out and give me the low-down on your carbs.  It will show me you care and could save me a world of hurt.

Dotingly yours,


  1. YES YES YES!!!! I think any restaurant that has carb counts is automatically at the top of my list.

  2. Good post! I have this same problem! Last time I emailed a request for carb counts to one local restaurant that I like they sent me back a letter saying it was too expensive... No sorry for the inconvenience or anything, just a "what your asking for is unreasonable and out fo the question" kind of tone... Right after this they went and opened up three other locations, put out a cookbook and a small line of other products... still no carb counts :(

  3. I agree; if calorie counts are provided, it doesn't take much more effort to include other nutritional facts such as carbs, fat, and sodium as well. Public health officials are driving the calorie count issues, but these groups could care less about carbs or any other items. Still, it seems like the ADA could be more involved, right?

  4. Absolutely! I was recently in a Cracker Barrel, (it's been a long time) and they have a low carb mini-menu of their main menu items w/the carb count! Fabulous! If all chain resturants could do this!!!

  5. So very true. I find often myself looking up the restaurant website on my phone at dinner to see if they have their nutritional info available. Some do. Most don't.

    And, btw, WHAT do restaurants do to inject so many carbs into their food. I'll get something as meek as a salad out at dinner and struggle with a pesky high for the rest of the night! Not really recently with all the early pregnancy lows . . . but still! Do they wash the lettuce in sugar-water?

    If a dietician (or a knowledgeable diabetic) wouldn't be able to take an educated guess at a carb count and come anywhere near a ballpark . . . there's something seriously wrong.

    Just save us the headache and give up the carb counts!!

  6. It would be nice...
    Seems like every time I think I've got it (like today), I don't (like today).
    Seems especially unfair as I really don't eat out that often.

  7. lol (hello lover).

    Where's the petition? I'll sign.

  8. Oh, how I wish carb counts were mandatory! Seriously, McDonald's can do it, why not every other restaurant? If you don't already have it, our lifesaver for eating out has been The Calorie King's Fat, Calorie, and Carbohydrate Counter. It's a little pocket-sized book with a huge fast food restaurants section in the back. Huge help!

  9. For me it would be "lovers" - haha. I completely agree. Too much guess work for my body!

  10. I completely agree Karen! Great post.

  11. I guess I am lucky, in SF they have to list their info (at least for "chain" restaurants... and it is picking up in other parts of CA. One day all restaurants will have it. All of them. =)

  12. I am with Lo, I will sign the petition. In CA all of the big chained restaurants are required to list all nutritional information; I miss it. If I don't know the carb count I look on my iphone and if I can't get it there I ask the manage to get the information for me.

  13. Jumping on the bandwagon here... this is one reason to choose McDonald's (isn't THAT scary?) - their nutritional info is VERY easily accessible, right on the tray liners. A lot of fast food places, I've discovered, are a bit more transparent about the info than the "fancier" chains. All the chains should be able to reveal the info - I can understand when smaller local places don't, but the chains can and should

  14. That would be so great! I would love to know for sure rather than bolus with my best educated guess!

    Enjoyed reading your blog!



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