Friday, August 13, 2010

Calling All Artists . . . . yes, I mean you!!

I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.  If you ask me what fresh ideas are out there for the D-OC, what we can do that hasn’t already been done, without hesitation I’ll say “nothing”.  We’ve thought up all of the great ideas.  And happily, I soon find out I’m wrong!

This time around it is my good friend and awesome BlogHer room-mate Lee Ann who had the brainstorm.  She has announced Diabetes Art Day slated for September 1st. 

Diabetes Art Day

The quick explanation is that Diabetes Art Day is a call for anyone with diabetes to create an art piece and post it on September 1st.  Please hop over and read her post for all of the details.

Don’t consider yourself an artist?  Guess what?  I don't consider myself one either.  But I’m going to participate and you should too.  We are all artists, whether we realize it or not.  Every day we do a million little things that are artistic.  Just the simple act of getting dressed in the morning involves art - you are coordinating colors and textures and creating an ensemble.  So unless you walk around stark naked today, you are an artist and you should participate in Diabetes Art Day!

My mind is already spinning with thoughts of what I’ll create.  Being a knitter, I’ve often wondered if it is possible to knit with pump tubing.  This is the perfect chance to find out.  I’ve begun to collect the 8 to 12 test strips I use each day, because they are begging to become art.  I’ve got Play-Doh that followed me home from BlogHer - I may revise my plan of gifting it to my godson and use it for art instead.  Those paper craft supplies and beads in my craft room may finally get some glory too.  Although this is beginning to sound like one tacky piece of D-Art!

I hope you’ll join in for Diabetes Art Day.  You don’t need fancy supplies.  You don’t need to consider yourself an artist.  You just need to think about diabetes and then let go and create.


  1. Heehee, I just blogged about it too! :) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. You are the Diabetes Idea Depot! I love it and I am in! I better get to work.

    Do you know anywhere I can get 1000 snails and a white tiger? I need it for the project.

  3. Oh, I *know* you can make art...;)

  4. Great post, Karen! Thank you for spreading the word about Diabetes Art Day! And I had to laugh because I think your potentially "tacky" creation sounds awesome! But then, you know I'm not shy about bedazzling of kinds of things with all kinds of other glittery, shiny, puffy, drippy things ;)

  5. It may not be pump tubing, but this is pretty cool:

  6. That video is SO COOL!!! And it certainly looks like pump tubing to me. Now I want to knit something and run colored water through it. :)

  7. Cool, this is one I can have the kids do.

  8. Karen-

    Awesome post! I am in and I can't wait to see what you put together.


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