Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes pretty makes a difference . . .

Let's face it.  Those plain black cases that come with our blood glucose meters are fine.  They are functional.  They are also damned boring and blah.  Flash to Amy's 2009 Holiday Survival Story Contest. I was really excited to be chosen as one of the winners of a fabulous diabetes prize pack. One of the items included was a meter case from Stick Me Designs.  And when it arrived, I loved it so much I ordered another one!  Now my "home meter" and my "travel meter", which lives in my pocketbook, can be equally decked out in style.

I love these cases because they are bright and fun.  But to be honest, if it ended there I wouldn't be using them.  When it comes to my meter cases, functionality is most important.  And that's where these cases win, hands down!  As you can see in the picture above, each case has a large zippered pocket on the outside.  But it's the inside of the case that really shines.

On the left there is a huge pocket that closes with Velcro - I use that to hold emergency syringes and alcohol wipes.  The outside of this pocket has another large zippered pocket in which I can stash rolls of Smarties, a spare battery and a nickel for unscrewing my pump's battery cap.  There is also an elastic loop, which I'm currently not using.  You can't see that loop in the picture because it's hidden behind a smaller zippered pocket which is perfect for holding my stash of lancets.  In the middle you can see two more elastic loops, in which I store my insulin and my Bio Flip, which I love because it prevents me for leaving a trail of old test strips behind.

Moving to the right side of the case, you can see a second smallish zippered pocket.  I use that to hold tissues for mopping up blood after finger sticks.   Behind that pocket is a pouch large enough to hold my Accu-Chek Compact Plus (which I call my Accu-Chek Bulky Plus because it really isn't compact at all).  I've stashed a spare drum of strips in the elastic loop above my meter.  And I still have one more elastic loop on the right that I'm not using.  The whole thing closes easily with a zipper that goes around three sides. This case holds all of my stuff with room to spare!

One case that can hold everything I need is awesome.  Even more awesome is the thrill I get when I pull it out to test my blood!  It's fun to have something bright and stylish instead of that plain black case.  And beyond looking pretty, the fabric these cases are made out of is heavy and durable.  Even after 8 - 10 finger sticks a day, my cases are in the same shape as they were when I got them.

If you are looking for a meter case that mixes functionality with fun, I highly recommend checking out Stick Me Designs.  I wouldn't trade mine for the world!


  1. Looks fantastic, and very functional! I'm glad you like it! She really does great work, doesn't she?

  2. I love my case too! It makes me smile every time I go and test. Way better than those plain and boring black cases.

  3. I love my stickmedesigns too. I just can't be in a bad mood when I see it!

  4. those cases are neat
    I want one too

  5. I liked mine too! And those are really pretty cases. I may need to order another one. :)

  6. Must check that out! I provided feedback when she was first starting out, but didn't think I needed something pretty for just a meter...

  7. Sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to let you know I ordered one of these after reading your blog. I LOVE it. It's highly functional for just taking something small with me too if I want to avoid the big purse for a few hours. Thanks for sharing!


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