Friday, December 4, 2009

Sick . . . .

A nose that’s stuffed,
A throat that’s sore,
Blood sugars running high.
Chills and shivers
And ears that ache,
Just make me want to cry.

Some stupid germ
Some mean virus
Has nestled in my head
Making me sneeze
And sometimes wheeze
And turning my poor nose red.

Can't clean or blog
Or do laundry
No treadmill for me today.
Will soup and tea
And a nice long nap
Please make this go away?

I'll watch TV
and get some rest
And have plenty of time to knit.
And hope that tomorrow
when I awaken
I no longer feel like like . . . .


  1. I don't feel physically sick, but I am feeling like .... today, so thanks for the chuckle.

    Very well done, especially considering that you're not feeling well. I hope you're feeling much better soon :)

  2. very cute poem :)...xoxo sending healing vibes!

  3. Curl up on the sofa, watch some Christmas movies and feel better soon.
    Oh! Pumping saline as of this morning - !!

  4. Soup n tea will cure all that ails you so drink pleanty and hope you feel better soon.

  5. I know I'm late but I hope you feel better. I didn't see you on Twitter today. :(

  6. Wow, sick and still writing poetry, and clever poetry as well.
    Make sure to get your fresh fruits and veggies (Vit C)!!!

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)


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