Monday, September 28, 2009

Meme Monday - Karen Needs . . .

This is a really fun meme and it's also really easy to do.  Here’s how it works:

Google “[your first name] needs” in quotes so you will get that whole phrase strung together.  Share the first 10 results. That's it! It is that simple. But be honest!

  1. Karen needs a man for no strings fun if interested call ###-####. - Oh my.  Just what kind of a girl am I?
  2. Karen needs a VACATION. - I love vacations!!
  3. Karen needs to crawl back in the cave she lives in and let the rest of the world progress towards the future. - Ouch, that's harsh.
  4. Karen needs a friend...will u be dat 1? -Yo yo yo yo, here's the 411.  I needs a friend.  Dat would be phat!!
  5. Karen needs a rest on Flickr. - I really don't think I abuse Flickr that much.  Although I have uploaded pictures of each and every skein of yarn I own.  So I guess I can understand why someone would think I need to give it a rest.
  6. Karen needs a Lobotomy Fund. - Again, harsh!!  So I should crawl back into my cave and get a lobotomy?
  7. Karen needs some gin. - Well, yeah.  You would too after those insults!
  8. Karen needs to push herself, to give us the goods, the guts, the gore. - You want guts and gore?  And here I was blogging about yarn and glucose levels.
  9. Karen needs your help. - Apparently I need an intervention after all that gin.
  10. Karen needs to learn the basics of spending and budgeting. - Not true.  I'm organized and compulsive enough to have a detailed budget spreadsheet where I log our spending.  Right now, we've spent less than our allotment.  Even with all that gin I bought!!
Okay, Google away and tell me what you need!!


  1. Way fun. And funny.
    I did one of these way back.
    I should do it again. Just ;-)

  2. I gave this a whirl. Apparently I need "to be eliminated" (um), Tech Support (no), "your sex talk" (part of someone else's [Chris needs] meme, and then there are a bunch of wikipedia entries for "Christopher Needs".

    Apparently there's a real person named Christopher Needs. I guess memes aren't for me...

  3. Hmmm...if you do #7, you might not need #6 after all, and #1 and #4 just might take care of themselves then (;-)


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