Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's all bleed together!

I'm hoping you've heard about the cool thing that's happening today at 4pm EST.  TuDiabetes is organizing 14KPWD.  The idea is that all of the members of TuDiabetes and their Spanish sister community test their blood at the same time today and post the results.

How cool is that?  You should be testing regularly anyway, so why not test with 14,000 other people today.  I know I'll be pricking!

Once you have your number, post it on this TuDiabetes thread.  Or Tweet it with the hashtag #14KPWD.  Or post it on Facebook with this link http://14kpwd.org/.

Come join the fun!

*****EDITED TO ADD******  I truly got chills testing with all of my on-line D-Pals and watching the results roll in.  After a late lunch due to a long phone call, my number was 132 just an hour after eating.  The CGM had me at 110.  No correction needed, insulin and food are working hard as my body processes lunch.


  1. Holy picture of results!! ;-)

    What is that 33 darlin'????!!!!

    See you at 4!

  2. I hope you get a reading between the first and the last readings in your collage.

    Like CALpumper, I'll see you at 4 :)

  3. those pictures are awesome!! I love that you got it RIGHT at 4:00!! and thank goodness it was not close io that 33. UH thats a bad feeling!


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