Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goals for July

At the beginning of June, I decided to start setting some goals each month. The idea is to improve the areas of my Diabetes Life where I can be doing a bit better.

My goals last month were to be sure I'm drinking eight glasses of water a day, and to eat our meals at home.  I did pretty well on the first one.  I did okay on the second.

Two weeks ago, things changed.  While doing the yearly "pack away the winter clothes and bring out the summer clothes", Pea and I decided to do a clothing purge as well.  We tossed out anything that we really don't wear.  Then we began trying on what was left.  We were both really upset to find most of it was too tight.  I got on-line and found a "diet site" that looked good.  We each plugged in our height and weight, and it calculated our Body Mass Index.  It was no surprise that we are both in the Overweight category.

Since that day, we've been using SparkPeople to track what we are eating and to be sure we are within the calorie and other nutritional guide-lines.  We've each lost a few pounds.  We each have a bunch more to lose, and should be able to safely shed it all by December.

So, my goals for July focus on the main goal of getting out of that Overweight category.
  • Do 30 minutes of cardio every day.
  • Do weight training three times a week.
  • Continue to track my meals and snacks, staying within the guidelines set for me to lose weight.

By the time August rolls around, hopefully I'll have lost another five or so pounds!


  1. Golf clap on the progress you've made thus far. And a more enthusiastic golf clap for incrementally increasing your goals. No need to overwhelm yourself and risk not being where you want to be in a few months.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Woo hoo for goals!!! You can do it Karen and Pea!

  3. Yay for both of you. I'm impressed, not only did you set the goals but you're following through! Good luck and keep writing about it so you'll inspire the rest of us.

  4. kudos to you for setting goals! and attaining them!! I find that even just setting goals helps motivate me, and achieving them makes me feel even better :)
    one thing on the BMI though - don't put toooo much stock in it, because it doesn't take into account the ratio of body fat to muscle, which can be pretty important.
    just a thought :)

  5. I'll echo the golf clap from Chris (because really, you need more than ONE person clapping, right?). You can do it!

  6. Way to go! Keep up the good work. Those calorie-tracking sites really do help you see the bigger picture (and smaller portions!).

  7. I just checked out the site and will look at it further after I get home from the movies today.
    Yeah, those BMI charts are wicked little buggers.
    You should reward yourself with some new yarn..........


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