Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Sweetpea!

Ten years ago today, Pea and I went on our first date.

Five years ago today, we were married.

I wonder how I ever got along without him. He's my biggest supporter and my best friend.  We laugh, we dance, we share.  And I can't wait to see what the next five years will bring!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!(btw, gorgeous bouquet...)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! What a Great picture!!!! Very nice bouquet. SO beautiful you are!

    Hope you are enjoying the cruise!!! Have fun! Too many more years.

  3. Happy, happy! And here's to many more :)

  4. Happy 5 & 10!

    And best wishes for many more.

  5. We celebrated our anniversary this week also (June 24th)!! Congratulations!! (And gorgeous dress, btw. . .

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! Here's to many more.
    Small world, our 5th anniversary was just on July 3rd & we've been a couple for 10 years also!

  7. Awww! You looked so pretty:) I know I am WAY late, Happy Anniversary!


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