Friday, June 5, 2009

An exercise program I can stick to . . .

I had to pick up a few things at Target today.  As I was making my way toward the check-out, I started to get that familiar feeling.  The fog in my head that makes it even harder than usual for my wee little brain to focus.  Ugh, not again.

I held strong while the cashier rang up my bargains. (Starbucks beans on sale and a cute spring jacket on clearance for $17.48!!).  Then I made my way through the rain to my car and did a finger stick.  52.  Grrrr.  I pulled out my Smarties (aka: glucose tablets on a budget) and my iPhone and settled in.  While waiting for my blood sugar to come up, I used Twitter to vent my frustrations.
"Stuck in car at Target b/c BS is now 52. Target always makes me low. Having a crappy D Day."
Soon, two friends tweeted back.
"Target makes me low, too!"
"Maybe Health insurance should cover Target shopping costs... BG management tool!"
Now that sounds like a plan!!  Better blood glucose readings through browsing in Target for 45 minutes a day?  I've finally found a work-out plan I can stick to!


  1. That's so weird! I seem to get low a lot at Target too!! It must be something they pump in the air. Wel, I also get low at the grocery store too . . . which makes for some interesting impulse buys! :-)

  2. Perhaps we should set a "Target Temporary Bolus Rate!"
    Maybe we should let the folks at Target know the effect their store has on folks w/ the "Beets!"
    I smell a frequent Diabetic Shoppers discount!!

  3. Huh...and I thought there logo was a bulls-eye. Looking at it now I see a finger-stick blood drop.

    Who knew?

  4. You poor thing. Shopping, Anywhere always makes me low. What Up with That??

    Ah yes, Layne, the grocery shopping lows. A day later, hmmmm, what is that in my cupboard?? I bought That?

    Great ideas k2!!! Ha ha. "Beets." Discount. Love it.

    And good point James. Never saw it that way until now.

    Thanks for sharing Karen. Hope you're back up, enjoying (well in the later am, not now) your coffee. ;-)

  5. Hmmm, James might be onto something - their bulls-eye taking on a new meaning to their diabetic shoppers!


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