Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funny site

Nope, I'm not directing you to a web-site that will make you giggle.  I don't have one of those to share today.  Although I did get quite an eyeful yesterday when I Googled "tighty whities" in an attempt to check my spelling for a post over on my knitting blog.  (Do you use Google to check your spelling sometimes?  Usually it works out really well . . . . except for yesterday when it lead me to a blog that I'm not even going to link.  I'll let you use your imagination, or Google it yourself.)

Anyway, when I say "funny site", I mean my pump site feels a little funny.  It doesn't hurt, but it just doesn't feel quite right.  Kind of like it's pulling at my skin.   I've never had a site feel that way before.

My blood sugars have been okay.  Not great, not terrible, but okay.  I woke up a little high the past two mornings (109 and 122).  After breakfast yesterday I needed a .2u correction Yeah, that's point-two units.  Not bad, but I usually don't need any post-breakfast correction.  Then again, I punched in that my yogurt has 10g of carbs and I think they changed there recipe and it might be 12g now.  Today's post-breakfast was perfect - and I didn't have a yogurt.

My highest high since putting this site in was 175.  So I guess I'll let it ride.  It will be time to change it out tomorrow anyway.  So unless I start hitting 200's, I'll leave it in.

At what point do you decided a site isn't right and put in a new one?  Now that finances are on everyone's mind, do you give your site a little more leeway before deciding it's bad and changing it out?


  1. I know the feeling "just isn't quite right."

    But I personally don't change it early unless I am experiencing persistent 350 type highs and have the symptoms of Not getting insulin (sick to my stomach, very tired, angry).

    Otherwise I add it up to the way I was sitting, or what I was wearing and it's rubbing the wrong way or while I was asleep there was extra pressure on it and after any of those it feels weird somehow.

    I think you're ok. Wait it out unless you see really Big Bad highs. ;-)

  2. Karen

    I always seem to wait too long, it's like the highs destroy my ability to say "maybe it's the set and not me".

    It was good meeting you in NY today and having that great train ride out of the city.


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