Friday, March 31, 2017

Turning a Failure into a Success....

Yesterday was not really my best day.  I got engrossed in a project and it was late afternoon before I realized the only thing I had to eat or drink was my morning cup of coffee.  It’s definitely a weakness of mine - the fact that I can get so absorbed in what I’m working on that hours fly by unnoticed.

I was pretty annoyed with myself as I changed out of my pajamas and hopped into the shower while realizing it was almost time for dinner and I hadn’t gotten to the store to pick up something to cook.  And I was starving, considering I hadn’t eaten all day.  A whisper of a thought drifted through my mind…….”hadn’t eaten all day, great time to do a finger-stick and calibrate”.  My finger-stick came back one point off from my CGM.  And according to my graph, I had stayed between about 80 and 120 all day.

To which another whisper of a thought replied…..”well, look, a basal test got done today, and those daytime basals are spot on”.

Now I don’t recommend getting distracted and skipping breakfast, lunch, snacks and water all day.  And I did make sure I had a (fairly) balanced and (somewhat) healthy dinner.  But instead of beating myself up for failing yesterday, I’m going to cut myself a break this one time.  After all, I did manage a very successful test of my basal rates.


  1. Bravo on having those daily basal's in line. Perfect.

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! Way to do a basal test!!!!! And looks like ur basals are spot on!!! U go girl!!!! HUGS!!!!

  3. And fasting makes you more insulin-sensitive ;)

  4. Yay for basal testing! And for great basal settings.

    I've seen this graph quite a bit recently. I feel out of touch - is this the 630G?

    1. Nope - it's the MiniMed Connect, which sends my CGM info to my iPhone.

    2. Ah! Cool! I clearly haven't been paying attention!! Thanks.

  5. Basal testing without even realising, good one!

    And you have such a pretty graph to show for it.


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