Monday, January 5, 2015

Low-Brained To-Do List . . . .

It was one of those bad middle of the night lows.  One that freaks me out later when I realize what a difficult time I had waking myself up.  The meter flashed 43 and I cursed the fact that I wasn’t wearing my CGM because I had received a new transmitter that day but hadn’t taken the time to set it up.  I woke Pete and told him I was low but okay and that I would head down to the kitchen to treat.  I then arranged my meter just so on the night stand.  Then I looked for my glasses.  Then I paused to pet the cat.  And put on socks.  There were so many things that seemed more important than treating that sweaty low.  Clearly I was not in my right mind and instead running on Low-Brain.

As I sat on the kitchen bench eating, my (low) brain was whirring a mile in minute, coming up with ever so important things that I was sure would be forgotten by morning.  So what did I do?  I stopped treating that sweaty blood glucose of 43 and instead went into my home office / craft room to dig out a pad and pen so I could jot down all of the extremely important things.  And, of course, the next morning it was quite obvious that most of my list items weren’t actually very important at all.


For example, first on the list was “Buy more Fritos”.  The thing is, I don’t even really like Fritos but I had bought some for a get-together.  And as I stuffed them into my mouth trying to feed that insatiable low hunger, they were suddenly the most delicious thing on the face of the earth.  I absolutely needed to remember to buy more.  I apparently also really needed to look into buying a spare remote control and new battery for the light / ceiling fan fixture in our kitchen.  (What???)  And yes, sending a wrap up email and submitting my report for the latest DiabetesSisters Virtual PODS meet up was important, but chances were slim that I wouldn’t remember to get it done.  After all, I remember every month without the help of a to-do list scrawled as dawn breaks.

But the list item that really makes me laugh is the one that reads “Blog post about low experience tonight”.  Well, okay, check that off the to-do list.  However, I think I need to add one more to-do to this important list . . . . . .  

“Stop doing stupid stuff like making to-do lists and treat that low!”


  1. Having one thing now checked off your to-do list makes it look like my normal to-do lists. So much I want to do, and think I should do, but unless it's a normal routine item it rarely gets done. Thanks for sharing your low-brain priorities.

  2. As cliche as this is: Been there, done that. At least you have one less thing to do now.

  3. I kid you not, pinged a 43 once but just HAD to finish hanging some blinds in my old apartment first. Low Brain is invincible! Um, not... :P

  4. I hate the feeling of being that low (especially in the middle of the night) and I am always trying to do other things while treating, maybe to distract myself from the experience!

  5. BUY MORE FRITOS is funny on its own, but even better with your explanation

  6. I am glad I am not the only one who has done this as well. Lows I seem to do everything but treat at time which is scary for me because I can't feel anything and I can distracted for quite a while.

  7. BUY MORE FRITOS is so funny. Lip smackin'.


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