Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Intuition . . . .

I believe that sometimes, as people with diabetes, we just know.  Intuition screams at us.  Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t listen.  That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Somewhere around the middle of the day, my blood sugars got stuck.  They weren’t high high, but they were higher than normal.  They hovered in the 170s, even after the treadmill and dusting and vacuuming the whole house and cleaning the bathroom.  Corrections did nothing to budge the number.


Here’s the thing.  170 isn’t a terrible number for me.  I had under-bolused a snack before the treadmill so I wouldn’t go low.  I had eaten dinner.  I had a bit of dessert.  All justifications for that stuck blood sugar, but my intuition was saying otherwise.  My intuition said my site had crapped out early.  It was scheduled to be changed this morning.  But it was in my abdomen, and in the past my ab sites haven’t lasted the full three days.  However, I didn’t listen to that intuition and instead I went to bed.

About a half hour later, my Rise Rate alarm rang.  And my blood sugar hit the 200s.  And I knew it was time to listen to my intuition and change out my site.  I dragged myself out of bed, turned on the light (much to the dismay of my sleeping husband) and did what I should have done a few hours ago.  One new site and one correction bolus later this happened.


Not only did I come down from the 200s, but I came all the way down to a gross low and a 2 a.m. juice box.

I’d love to say I learned my lesson.  I wish I could swear that next time I’ll listen to my intuition and get that site issue taken care of right away instead of going to bed hoping things will work themselves out.  But right now, my intuition is saying that next time I’ll probably make the same mistakes again.  I guess I just get so stubborn about pulling a site early, and I guess I just haven’t quite learned yet.
Am I the only one, or does your stubborn streak drown out your intuitions too?


  1. Guilty as charged. I definitely, optimistically would have ignored everything you did. Sorry it was a tough night.

  2. Oh man - Dexcom sensors. Straight 55 for hours, yet BGs are anything but that. But then Dex will throw one accurate number and I am convinced it's fixed. Only we all know that it is not.

    1. My Enlite has been doing that today too. I put it in yesterday and it bled - so I think that is throwing things off. But then one good reading and I'm sure it's fixed!! I think I should just give up and call the HelpLine.

  3. My bg has to be really high before I pull my site. I'm super stubborn

  4. No, I am definitely stubborn...I will definitely wait a long period of time before replacing an infusion set because I am falsely optimistic it might start working again :-P


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