Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diabetes Hope Conference!!

Remember yesterday when I confessed to being a bit of a Diabetes Conference Junkie?  Well there is a conference coming up next month that you should not miss.  It’s a virtual conference, so you can tune in from where ever you are.  And even better, it is free!  It’s the second annual Diabetes Hope Conference.

I really loved participating on a Diabetes Hope Conference panel last year as well as watching the other panels.  And I am extremely excited to be back as a panelist this year!  (Especially given the fact that my phone rang while I was speaking last year, interrupting my thought process.  And then my cat decided to jump up on my dining room table, which had this germaphobe completely freaking out but hopefully I hid that well.  But then she must have thought I had really lost my mind since I was talking to my computer, so she ran over to give me a kiss on the nose . . . . which meant a broadcast of nothing but her butt on screen.  So I am truly grateful for a second chance.  Trust me, you won’t see those bloopers this year!)  Anyway, in the panel entitled “The Doctor Will See You Now” Christel and I will be presenting YOUR questions to Dr. Anderson.  Two more great panels will follow - “The Value of Blogging in Chronic Illness" and "Who’s In Charge? Who Says What? And Why?".

Be sure to RSVP for your ticket in and then head to the Diabetes Hope Conference site to read up on the rest of the details.


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  1. Urrrrh - why does this have to take place on a day I'm not going to be home! Putting up the mast on the sailboat! Will those of us who can't attend be able to listen / read what goes on Karen?


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