Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk . . . .

It’s that time of year again when my Facebook feed fills up with people raising money for their JDRF Walks.  My chapter had its walk on Sunday and I love to see so many come together to raise funds and promote diabetes awareness.  It’s a good thing to walk the walk.

As the Advocacy Team Chair for my chapter, I was also there to talk the talk . . . . about advocacy.  And to urge everyone to talk the talk to our legislators.  This is another important way to raise much needed funds for diabetes research.

What was I talking about at the Advocacy table?  Well . . . . .
  • Did you know that for every dollar JDRF donates to research, the federal government donates more than $3?
  • The more advocates speak up to their representatives about issues like research funding, the more likely we are to succeed when they come up in Congress.
  • Congress must renew the Special Diabetes Program to ensure federal funding continues each year (currently $150 million annually).
**  talking points provided by the JDRF Grassroots team.

I want to thank everyone who has walked their JDRF walk this year.  And those who have supported a walk participant.  And now I want to urge you all to talk the Advocacy talk as well!  Sign up as a JDRF Advocate and let our government know how important diabetes research funding is.  Given the economic crisis happening right now, it’s more important than ever to speak up!

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  1. Go Karen Go! Being an advocate is so easy too! I think most people are surprised at how easy it is... they make the calls for you... all you do is pick up the phone when it calls your representatives directly and the emails are all ready to go except where you have an opportunity to add your own info. Easy peasy and makes a HUGE difference!


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