Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy Weekends = Bad Dreams

Sometimes my favorite weekends are quiet, lazy and restful.  This weekend was none of that, but it was still a lot of fun.  We did some “kitchen shopping” because we’re in the beginning planning stages of gutting and re-doing our hideously ugly kitchen.  Then I scrubbed that ugly kitchen, and the rest of the house, and cooked for a small dinner party we had.  There was plenty of food, and there was also a fair amount of alcohol to partake in as well.  Toss in a long Father’s Day hike with the in-laws yesterday, and by last night I was beyond tired.  No surprise, I was also battling some pretty sticky lows.  The alcohol and exercise combo gets me every time.  As much as I wanted to just fall into bed early and drift off to sleep, I had to stay up a bit longer to overtreat that low.

I was in a safe range when I finally went to sleep, but my brain must have had a low-hangover.  (What is the fun term for that?  Hang-lowver?  I always forget . . . . )  The weird dreams I had were the kind that usually happen because of a low.  The good thing?  The dreams revolved around members of the DOC.  The bad thing?  I was fighting with almost everyone in my dream.

ChristmasAs the dream started, Cherise had a new job as a manicurist.  (I’m convinced that dream storyline had to do with the pictures of Cherise’s painted OmniPods that I had been admiring on Facebook.)  Stacey had an appointment but very rudely said she was not paying Cherise.  I yelled at Stacey, and she yelled back at me.  I turned around to see the small rocking chair that I’ve had since I was little (that’s it, and me, on the right).  Sarah came along and stood on it, and it cracked.  I told her the chair was not for adults, and she said she didn’t care and sat on it until it broke.  As I yelled at her, Sara came along and told me to stop being so mean.  Then she said that when Pete talks he sounds really stupid.  (Poor Pete!!)

What the heck is it with low dreams - especially this one that happened when I wasn’t even low anymore?  Why did it have me fighting with my friends?   I swear, next time I’m low at night I’m skipping the pineapple juice and going for GlucoLift instead!  Maybe I’ll dream that I’m having a lovely vacation on a rocket ship!!  Either that or I need to go back to quiet, lazy, restful weekends!

Please tell me this isn’t just me, and that you have some weird low dreams to share too . . . .


  1. Ah having nightmares because of low blood sugars is the MAIN reason I hate going to bed low...I'm trying to fight the urge to go to bed high to avoid the bad dreams but it's a tough habit to break. Hang-lowver sounds like a great term to me!

  2. Wow. Yeah, this had to be a dream. Because #1, I don't think Cherise would be doing people's nails, #2, Stacey would NEVER ever be rude, and whoa... I'm a ruthless big-a$$ witch apparently... I mean, literally... I broke a chair by sitting in it!? LOL

    But yes, I've had some weird ones myself. The top one is when I had a dream cows were climbing on top of the cabin I lived in at the time and standing on top of each other, then jumping off the end of the roof. Yeah. Some pretty weird stuff plays through your head when it's starved of glucose!!

    1. You only broke the chair because it is meant for a child and you are a normal sized woman!! In my dream your ass was by no means big, which is also true in real life. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! This is simultaneously terrifying and hilarious!

  4. You're not tall. LOL. ;) Crazy low dreams - I hate em! Keep the Glucolift close! And I've had nutty low dreams, too. Remember when we were in California! Also, I had rocking chair just like that (sans the fancy scrolls) that I had until my highshool boyfriend broke it- I was devastated.

  5. Low blood sugar dreams are so psychedelic, kind of like what it feels to be on an acid trip (not that I have any idea what that's like). The crazy thing for me is that I actually *treat* the low, but when I wake up I need to find evidence to see if I really treated it or only did so in my dream. So completely weird.

    I never dreamed about DOCers giving or getting manicures, though. That would totally freak me out.

  6. But... but... but... I like Pete!! :P

    (and you of course!)

  7. This is hilarious when you think of it as just a dream! Knowing some of the people that were in it just makes it even more crazy.

    not bad at all just... interesting!

  8. Weirdest low dream I ever had involved me having "relations" with Antonia Banderas. And I don't even like him??!! But oddly enough, after that dream, I did! (Kind of like when I'm low and I eat something I may not be a fan of, I suddenly like it because everything tastes good when I'm low.)

  9. Maybe that is when I've had the worst dreams. I don't usually remember mine, but when I do they are not usually good. Maybe they happen when I'm low. I'm going to have to try and pay attention now.


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