Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That time a 474 made me smile . . . .

My first clue that the diet Coke the waitress set down in front of me might not be diet was the lack of a lemon wedge perched on the rim of the glass.  I took a tentative sip, but I just wasn’t sure.  Back in the saccharin days I could always tell diet from regular.  These days it’s much harder . . . . but I’m okay with that!  Instead I offered a sip to Pete, who is always really good at telling diet from regular.  Even he was stumped this time, although his guess was that I had been served a regular Coke.

It’s times like these that I’m so glad to have found the DOC.  Because posts from blogs and Facebook began to flash through my mind.  Someone used ketone sticks to test soda for sugar.  I didn’t have ketone sticks with me.  Someone else tested soda on their meter.  That I could do!!

The 474 on my meter told me the soda definitely was not diet.  When I asked the waitress, she confirmed she had given me regular.  (Either she forgot what I ordered or she had misheard me, I guess.)  I was really glad I decided to test it out on my meter instead of assuming it was diet and slurping it down.  And it was nice to be happy to see a 474 for once, even if it was just a confirmation that I needed to send my soda back!

(Upon reflection, I'm not sure if testing soda on a meter is actually okay for the meter.  It might be a good idea to do a little research before doing it, in case it could be damaging to the meter.)


  1. This is a great idea! I have ketone sticks in my purse, but this is a great backup plan... THANKS :D

  2. I love your one-armed monkey. :)

    1. Poor little guy, I test so often that his arm got ripped off after being pulled from my case one too many times!

  3. Love this idea! (And your meter sticker! I painted mine (except for the screen and buttons) with glittery light pink nail polish.

  4. I've tried this - I hate that it costs me a $1 test strip, but I rationalize it by thinking of the numerous strips that would've been wasted had I not checked and drank it instead!

    I'm sure it won't hurt your meter which never touches the soda (unless there's a spill you're not telling us about!). As for the strips, they're single-use-only anyway. The only harm done could be the false high BG that is getting UltraLinked to your pump, if you're not careful.

  5. I've often wondered if this would work, but have never tried it. Once you suspect that you don't have a diet coke, there is no possible way to enjoy drinking it. If it happens at a drive-thru, I usually just pitch it.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Love the monkey! Does it come in Pigs?

  6. I had no idea you could do this at all! Thanks for the great tip :)

  7. I do that too! Only time I'm ever happy to see a "LO" on my meter too :)

  8. Love this, though I'm also reluctant to try it due to the cost. Great idea though.

  9. Side tip - if you are testing with ketone strips, it has to be the kind that test for ketones and glucose. There won't be ketones in the drink but there would be "glucose" if it was regular.


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