Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Not at all) Wordless Wednesday - D Fairy Tales

A couple of weekends ago, Pete and I met my in-laws at a park in Sleepy Hollow for a nature walk.  Yup, that’s right, Sleepy Hollow.  Luckily, we didn’t come across any Headless Horsemen.  But I did spot something intriguing . . . .

A test strip on the trail.  And a little further down, I spotted another one.  It was as if Hansel and Gretel both had diabetes and were checking their blood sugar after the Gingerbread House indulgence.  (Yes, they CAN eat that!!)  I think they were also leaving behind a trail to follow so they could safely return home after walking off all those carbs!!


  1. Isn't it kind of crazy/weird/interesting/curious when you find test strips in the wild that aren't from you? I love that you snapped a picture of it (I would have done the same thing)!

    1. Even better, I made Pete snap the picture and email it to me. Somehow I had left my phone (which is now also my camera) at home on the coffee table. I'm lucky he puts up with all of my silly requests - and I'm quite sure my in-laws thought I was crazy!!

  2. Is this where I say makes sense if you have diabetes? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I see those everywhere! It makes me wonder how many of my own strips somehow make it out of my pocket, purse, or trashbag. They seem to have a life of their own.

  4. This summer my husband and youngest son went to a lake with a big natural rock jump off spot into the water. As my son was preparing for the twelve foot leap into the water below, he noticed a test strip on the rock. Test before you leap? : )

  5. This was so funny, Karen. I found a test strip in my cat's litter box, and I wondered if the strip went through him before it arrived there??? Lol


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