Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Expo Hall Highlights

I have to admit, I really love the CWD Friends for Life Expo Hall.  Not really for the S.W.A.G., but for the chance to check out new products and get demonstrations of all their nifty features.  Although in all honesty, I was quite thrilled at the OneTouch booth when the rep gave me a Verio IQ after showing me its cool features.  Other highlights were watching the excitement at the You Can Do This booth, seeing and touching the Tandem t:slim, the opportunity to vote on some new glucose tablet flavors (while begging them to bring my favorite Green Apple back!!), and learning about the new Bayer meter coming soon that’s similar to the Contour USB but with greater accuracy and the ability to wirelessly send the results to my Medtronic pump.

But perhaps the highlight of the Expo Hall this year was getting to see my GlucoLift friends.  I first met the founder, Christopher Angell, and his father at TCOYD in February, but soon learned I already new Chris from the DOC and his blog.  (He stopped posting there after creating GlucoLift so as not to create a conflict of interest).  I always have a fantastic time chatting with Chris and his dad Phillip about GlucoLift, diabetes social media (yup, they Tweet and FaceBook), and everything else under the sun.  I was happy to meet Christopher's lovely wife this time and she was ever so gracious after Pete fumbled his cup of water and practically splashed it all over her.  (My man is smooooth around pretty women.)


Even if I didn’t love the people behind the product, I’d seriously love GlucoLift.  Because these all-natural, non-GMO tablets are healthier than your average glucose tablet, and they taste so much better.  I can attest to this because Chris is always kind enough to gift some to me when I see him.  I’ve finished the whole bottle of Cherry flavor, and I usually hate anything cherry flavored but these were really good!

I told Chris I wanted to post about GlucoLift and asked if there was anything he’d like me to share.  Here’s what he had to say:
“Knowing I was never going to be the person to cure diabetes, I'm happy if I can make one of the more unpleasant necessities of managing it a little better for people. For me, the main point is that I always felt the fact that the 'other guys' ' tablets were made with unnecessary artificial junk, left a chalky finish, and were flavored as though people were going to eat one (and not 3, 4 or 5) meant that they weren't designed or evaluated by the people who actually have to use them. That just made me upset and frustrated. There are a lot of frustrating things about having diabetes, but some of them you excuse because it's the best we can do right now. Icky glucose tablets do not fall into that category!”

I hope you know me well enough to know that I’m not posting about these because Chris gifted some to me.  I’m posting about them because I really love the idea behind a healthier glucose tablet.  And because these things taste good!  After Pete tried one in the Expo Hall, he told me“Wow, those didn’t taste like the icky tablets you’ve let me try before.  Those taste more like candy”.  Which means I’m probably going to need to start hiding my glucose tablets.  And also ordering more from the online store or through Amazon.  (Just a tip: if you are ordering your own, I’d consider picking a combo that comes with a travel tube. These tablets are slightly bigger than the “other guys’” glucose tabs, and they don’t fit in the tubes I try to recycle from my other tabs.)

Have you tried GlucoLift?  I’d love to hear what you think.


  1. Those were SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!! Thanks for posting a link so I can order some. We meant to go back to grab a couple bottles, but got sidetracked...and, well...you know ;)

    I'm also on the look for something gel/liquid that can be easily packed into my daughter's kit. Juice boxes tend to leak :( Sometimes she needs to slurp her sugar because she can't chew/swallow easily.

    So, I also need some portable slurpies, basically :)

    1. Wendy, for gels did you see this guy in the Expo Hall? http://level.stage.lrxd.com Not sure how a kid would feel about those flavors, but they certainly appealed to me. I signed up for a sample pack, but haven't gotten them yet so I can't really give an opinion yet.

  2. Yeah! I got some of these, too! I agree they aren't bad tasting, but they are still a glucose tab. I'm using them as motivation to fix the low, not fix the low + eat ice cream + eat everything else. It's working so far!

    The packaging is much cooler, as well.

    For Wendy- I do CapriSuns. Or Gu, but those are a few more carbs then necessary.

  3. I thought he was the Mind Freak guy?!?!

    lol - I LOVE Glucolift. Totally the best glucose tabs evah!!!

  4. These are the on,y onesJustice will eat! They're awesome!

    Btw so sad we didn't make it I wasso looking forward to giving YIU a giant hug! Next year!

  5. My order from Amazon got all goofed up - the package was sent so I was supposed to sign for it, but I wasn't home. It was then supposed to be held at my local post office for 3 days before being sent back, but they only held it for 12 hour so when I went, it was gone. Bummer.

  6. Thank you! We are so new to T1d and every word and suggestion means the world to me - especially since we haven't yet been to a conference (fingers crossed for sometime soon). Ms. C hates the glucose tabs we have and this will be a boon!

  7. I'm eager to try some of these!
    ... and some advice for those of you who need liquid when you are low but can't bear the expense of the little liquid bottles... buy one bottle, when it is used up, refill it by breaking up tabs into the bottle, add a bit of water, shake and voila, liquid tabs (note: it does take some time for the tabs to dissolve, don't try and drink right away!). I've been doing this for a while and quite often keep tabs in liquid form for about a week. Works great, saves a bit of cash. I've only tried it with the Dex4 tabs but i'm willing to bet it works with these guys as well. Just remember to shake the bottle again before you drink :)

  8. Thanks Karen, I had never heard of GlucOLift. They are not being sold in drugstores yet?

  9. I've never heard of GlucoLift. There's only one type of tab that Matthew will eat and they're getting tough to find. I'll have to look for this....

  10. This sounds great, I'd love to try them. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Europe at all... :-(


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