Monday, December 5, 2011

Health Activist Awards!!

I spent a lot of time this morning going through the diabetes blogs I read and making a list.  What kind of list?  Well, I was making a list of blogs I wanted to nominate for WEGO’s Health Activist Awards.  The cool thing about this awards program is that it celebrates health activists across all health communities, providing us a great opportunity to interact and learn from each other.  It would be great to see a strong showing from the diabetes community, so I’m sharing the information from WEGO in the hopes you’ll all nominate some of your favorites in the wide range of awards open!!

In December, the online health community and WEGO Health will be celebrating all the awesome achievements made in health leadership and patient advocacy in 2011! WEGO Health,a different kind of social media company dedicated to empowering Health Activists, has just launched the first-ever Health Activist Awards program, to recognize Health Activists (both new and established) for all of their great work over the course of the year.

This interactive program lets everyone get involved by nominating their favorite Health Activists and sharing what has inspired them, moved them, and made a difference in the online health community. I’m looking forward to nominating some of my favorite Health Activists and I hope you’ll take some time to recognize your favorites too.

You can check out WEGO Health’s Health Activist Awards 2011 homepage for details on the 10 different awards, how to join the Health Activists Awards Jury to help select the Award winners, and to find out what Health Activists will win if they’re chosen.” 

Nominations begin December 1, 2011 and winners will be selected in early 2012 - so get your nominations in now and celebrate the Health Activists that have made the biggest difference to you in 2011.


  1. oh yes! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. Woot! I did some nominating today too.

  3. Very cool. Thanks for the heads up about this, Karen!

  4. I'm going to post about this really. I'm trying to get myself back into blogging. Sigh. I'm so uninspired.


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