Monday, October 24, 2011

Couldn’t you do without . . . .

Ugh, it's Monday morning. I can certainly do without Monday mornings, especially chilly ones like today.  So please allow my crabby self to indulge in some serious griping.  (Would that make me a complex crab??)  Is it just me, or couldn’t you do without . . . .

. . . gushers??  I pulled my site during yesterday’s site change and ended up with blood down my leg, all over my hand, and in a huge splotch on my favorite pajamas.

ComplexCrab . . . huge blood sugar spikes after a healthy meal?? The other day I had one slice of low-carb whole grain toast, a piece of low-fat cheese and 15 grapes for breakfast.  And I spiked so high you'd have thought I ate a big plate of pancakes.

. . . needing to change your CGM sensor when it is reading perfectly???  It makes me really sad to have to yank out a sensor that is working really well.

. . . exercise??  Okay, okay, I know exercise is a great thing.  Some people even enjoy it a lot.  I guess I just wish I was one of them.  For me, it always feels like torture.

. . . dead batteries??  It always seems my pump’s battery decides to run out of juice just when I’m falling asleep.

. . . middle of the night lows??  I’m usually pretty good about not over-treating my lows.  But all bets are off when my meter flashes a reading in the 40s at 1:00 a.m.!!

Come on, don’t leave me here griping alone.  What could you do without??


  1. That is probably the most complex crab I have seen!

  2. ...Being "real people sick"! I have a miserable cold today. Diabetes is enough; we should be pre-disastered for anything else!

  3. Going to a new endo and hearing "wow, some of these numbers are really high" and "oh, you take a lot of insulin" in the first 15 minutes of meeting them. Snap judgment much? :|

  4. I could do without middle of the night blood sugar frenzies. For Pete's sake. She's not even eating. Chill the eff out.

  5. Those damn things are everywhere. Although, they tell me that the pajamas was all your fault. Sorry!!

  6. I could do without judgmental endos and nurses. I could also do without all the appointments diabetics have to go to. Can I please be normal and never see a doctor rather than live the life of a hypochondriac?

    By the way, don't take your CGM out if it's working well. I was told those things can stay in for a week or more since they aren't infusing anything.


  7. yes yes yes to all of this! re: #1, something that i'm grateful for was the mom in our pre-pump class who also has diabetes, who warned us about (and i quote) the "volcano of blood" that sometimes happens when you pull a site out. so glad she mentioned that, since we would have been completely freaked out the first time it happened!

  8. I could do without a 372 plus ketones making my daughter sick to her stomach, twice. :(

  9. ALL OF THE ABOVE. I hate having to change out a CGM site when I get perfect results. I also hate when you eat something and it spikes, and the next day you eat that same exact thing and the bs's are completely different. I also hate, when I know how much insulin I need for Dinner, which is the most because of this wonderful resistance, that I sometimes have to waste 10-15 units because if I change it in between my multiple bolus' my numbers SKY ROCKET. Why can't it just cooperate!

  10. I could do without hauling around so much when traveling.

  11. I could do without the guilt. I know, I know....but it's there just the same.

  12. I could do without pricking my fingers multiple times to get one stupid little drop fo blood.

    I could do without the sore fingertips.

    I could do without the meter that I can't trust.

    I could do without the comments from my endo about losing weight, even though I'm literally about five pounds overweight.

    I could do without the guilt every time I eat a carb.

    I could do without leaving Organic Chemistry and Microbiology labs to test.

    I could do without the way the Asmanex (inhaled steroid for asthma) makes my blood sugars high.

    I could do without the migraines I get from lows.

    I could do without the way my family looks at me like I'm nuts because I drink juice when I'm low.

    I could do without the way having a bad asthma day and a bad blood sugar day makes me ten times more aggravated than usual.

    I could go on I'll just quit here.

  13. Being that I just went to a new dentist yesterday, I'd say comments such as "What is your A1C?" and when I decide to not slap her for asking that and give the response it's above 7, she gets all frowny-faced and says, "Oh, you really should do better because that can lead to even worse problems with your teeth." I could do without that.


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