Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Share Your Experiences . . .

It's been a little quite here at my blog as I continue reading all of the wonderful Diabetes Blog Week posts.  My efforts have been hindered by some epic lows I’ve been battling as I return (once again) to getting regular exercise.

So, while I’m reading and treating, I thought I’d take a minute to share a great new opportunity that WEGO Health has launched.  As people who live with a chronic illness day in and day out, we have a lot of experiences that we can share - and here is a great way to do just that!


Here is some more information, straight from WEGO:

"Here at WEGO Health HQ, we often work with reporters, magazine writers, authors, conference planners and event organizers who want to feature Health Activists as examples of empowered health leaders taking the online health world by storm.  In the past, we’ve connected dozens of Health Activists to national news stories, international conferences, and prestigious online events.

Members of the WEGO Health Activist Speakers Bureau receive exclusive invitations to present at conferences, speak to members of the media, and be featured on WEGO Health.

Interested in joining the WEGO Health Activist Speakers Bureau? Apply today! It only takes a few minutes and they’ll email you as soon as they have opportunities relevant to you and your interests."
I filled out my application yesterday and it really did take just a couple of minutes.  If you are looking for a way to spread more information about diabetes and to do more with your health activism, why not apply too?


  1. Great post!!! Thanks for the heads up Karen! I went ahead and applied too. :)

  2. I applied last night. :) Thanks for letting us know about this. I got the email from wego, but it had been spammed, so I didn't find it until today.

  3. You are amazing and I am sorry about your lows. xoxo


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