Monday, October 25, 2010


My blood sugars seem to be running on the low side lately, so I wasn’t surprised when I felt that shaky low feeling yesterday morning.  It felt more like a mild low than a scary LOW.  I pulled out my meter, squeezed out some blood and waited to see my number . . .

imposter166.  Okay, not a terrible number, but a weird one since I was feeling more like 66.  I washed my hands and tried again.  177.  Okay, I get it.  Although I feel low, I’m not.  I wondered if perhaps I was dropping quickly but that wasn’t the case either.  I ran above 150 all day long.  Heck if I know why.  I didn’t sweat it too much.  I do try to run closer to 100, but I’m certainly not going to let a few 150s stress me out.

Fast forward to last evening.  As we arrived at my parent’s house for weekly Sunday dinner, I felt that same shaky mild low feeling I had in the morning.  Once again, I pulled out the meter to test.

And a 27 stared back at me.  WTF?  Again I washed me hands and re-tested.  26.

This is what annoys me about diabetes.  We try our hardest to listen to the signals our bodies are giving us.  We try to stay alert to signs of blood sugars that are too high or too low.  But when a 177 can parade around with the same symptoms as a 26, how can we ever win??

**  PS: During both the 177 and the 26, my CGM showed me holding steady near 100.  I wasn’t surprised to see a “bad sensor” error right before I went to bed last night.  Here’s hoping the new sensor I insert today is a little more on the ball!!


  1. That's actually happening to me right now...I feel like I'm in the 50's, was looking forward to grabbing breakfast, until I tested and was 183. Worst thing in the world to be starving and shaky and not able to eat! Gorging yourself on celery just isn't all that fulfilling...

  2. Gosh sounds kind of like what I frequently wonder about does a 480 feel vs. a 46? He was playing hockey this w/e and he was 480...he looked like shit on the broke my heart a little.

    I hope you have an uber-awesome reliable sensor in now Karen! Have a great week!

  3. I HATE that. I had the exact opposite the other day. I was thirsty and cotton mouthed and had a headache...totally a high, right? Nope. I was 60ish. Ug. I've almost given up on trusting how I feel. Bad to say, but true. CGMS and constant testing are usually what gets me through.

  4. Eep! Symptoms that show up uninvited are quite annoying. Seeing a 27 on my meter would totally freak me out - but you seem to have kept your wits about you! Way to go!

  5. yikes! I didn't even know meters went into the 20s! I definitely sometimes will even test a third or fourth time if I really don't believe what I'm seeing, hoping to will the numbers back where I think they should be (not as effective as I'd hoped). I do know that whenever I change my general average, it changes the way all numbers feel, like when I first went on low carb and started having fasting bgs in the 80-90 range instead of the 100-140 range, 80 felt low for a while until I got used to it.

  6. I hope the new sensor is more accurate!! Stupid D - - - never really plays by the rules!!

  7. I can picture you at the table with your jaw dropped. Big long sigh.

    I think we need a big blue diabetes punching bag or something. Or like a weeble wobble or something, you know? Just to punch the absolute shit out of it when it annoys you.

  8. Pooh! How frustrating. Oddly enough, Caleb has been doing the same thing lately. Lots of in range numbers but "I feel lows". :(


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