Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't fear the jinx . . .

I was making a desperate attempt at catching up on blog reading yesterday when I came across this post by Colleen. She talked about a post she had written about a "perfect diabetes day", and how she feared she was jinxing herself by writing about it.  I knew exactly what she meant - because if I even dare type a sentence like "my blood sugar has been stable" and hit the Publish button, I know my numbers will immediately start to roller coaster.  It's a proven fact.  It's the Diabetes Blog Curse.  Colleen said we shouldn't let that stop us.  We should blog the good as well as the bad.  And I agree.  So here's what I have to say . . .

The other evening, I talked Pete into stopping by Crumbs on the way home from our ballroom lesson.  I managed the tough task of picking out my cupcake (so many great choices).  As it turned out, I was high before dinner (a little over 200), but I bolused a correction along with my dinner dose and ate anyway.  And I came right back down into range!  Was I going to ruin it all by indulging in half of a cupcake for dessert?

You bet I was!!!  I swagged a bolus and ate my cupcake half.  (If you haven't had a Crumbs cupcake before, I need to mention that they are HUGE.  So eating half is really more like eating a whole regular sized cupcake.)  I watched my CGM graph slowly start climbing again . . . but it topped out around 150!  Then it headed gently back down!  It stayed flat all night long and my fasting was 93 the next morning!

And that, my friends, was my perfect cupcake night.  And yes, I blogged about it.  And yes, now when I eat the other half, I'll shoot way the heck up out of range.  Fine, Diabetes Bog Curse, it was worth it!!


  1. I LOVE when I get my treat boluses right - good job by you.

    Also: could there be a more perfect plate for a cupcake?! I think not.

  2. Ohhh - the 1/2 cupcake looks simply yummy.
    Glad you ate it!

  3. Yummy cupcakes.... we need to get some when I come to NY. :) I'd almost bet Stacey and Kelly would join us....

  4. Oh yes Cara, we must!!!! And I'm positive Stacey and Kelly would join us! :)

  5. Cara - I am saved from ever having a Crumbs cake - they don't exist outside of your country ;-P - except I am now salivating over my keyboard looking at the 1/2 of your cupcake. Isn't it great when we bolus correctly for a sinful little treat. We have to "cheat" sometimes (heck I do almost every day - maybe my reason for not losing weight? ).
    Anna the nonAmerican D1 ;D

  6. Mmm...cupcakes.

    Worth the exercise? Of course!

  7. That cupcake looks soooo good.

    Lets hope you dodge the jinx!! That happened to me, I blogged about my CGM and good numbers, the next day they were crap!

    Hip hip horray for your stable blood sugars WITH cupcakes!!

  8. I want one. Now. ;) congrats on a great SWAG!

  9. Nicely done Karen! That cupcake looks super delicious!


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