Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun with Lows . . . .

That's right, I said the words "fun" and "low" in the same post title.  Usually there isn't much about a low that's fun.  But today I found something when I dipped into my new stash of "low-treats".

Swedish "Caviar" (or "Candiar" according the the fishy)

I was cranky.  I was low.  I was annoyed at having to delay my workout while I waited for my blood sugar to come up.  But these little fish eggs and the silly fish on the package wearing rabbit ears made me smile.  And when something related to diabetes makes you smile, things can't be all that bad!!


  1. Oh, Swedish fish are THE BOMB and at the top of my low blood sugar treatment list. :)

    ("Candiar?" I love that!)

  2. I've been buying Target-brand fruit snacks in the handy little 21g carb pouches. Keeps me from overtreating and handy in the car. But not nearly as fun as eggs and an Easter bunny fish!

  3. I try to keep small containers of OJ in the fridge for lows. I might have to try swedish fish. They wont go bad as fast as the oj. :)

  4. Those sound great - I'll get some! Stephanie


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