Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yesterday I woke up feeling not-quite-right. I dragged myself out of bed anyway, hoping that once I was up and functioning I'd feel better.  I headed to the lab to get my blood work done before my endo appointment on Friday.  Then I came home and had a cup of coffee, hoping it would rid me of the headache that was forming.  It didn't.  I spend the rest of the day napping between bouts of nausea and major sneezing fits.  I went to bed early, but I don't feel much better today.

The thing is, I'm not majorly sick.  I can keep down bland foods.  I'm able to put dinner in the crock-pot and a load of laundry in the washer.  But I'm not quite right either.  (Well, that point has been long since established - but you know what I mean!!)  It's like I'm on the edge of getting majorly sick, but taking it easy seems to be helping  me fend it off.

It seems I feel this way quite often.  Since the fall and winter started, I'd say I have days like this once a month or so.  I don't get "unable to function" sick - but I do get "need to rest up because something is not right" sick.  It makes me wonder about my immune system.  Is it a big 'ole weakling?  Does that fact that my pancreas said sayonara thirty years ago have anything to do with it?  Does my immune system see my pancreas slacking on the job and decide maybe it should put in less than 100% as well?  Or is this all in my head?  Because as I said before, I'm just not quite right.


  1. I think the cure is a trip to San Diego or Disneyland!

    I hope you start feeling better soon my friend.

  2. You are Not weak. Your immune system? Probably. This is only an annoying thing, Not a Defining thing.

    A trip to anywhere sunny would be good. Feel better soon!

  3. It's not you! Girl, you need a vacation! Come on to Southern Cali!

  4. I don't know what the answer is but I've been having the same issue this fall/winter. Everyone around me has already gotten sick (some have even been sick twice) this season. But I've just had a few days here and there (about once a month or so) where I wake up, cloudy-headed, with a killer sore throat feeling like crap all day and I'm convinced I'm going to get sick. But nothing!

    This has happened at least 3 or 4 times and I still haven't gotten truly sick. I decided to look at it on the positive side and say all the peeps around me are puny and my immune system is actually being awesome and fighting off the germies. But that's just me! ;-)

  5. It's not you- your fabulous!
    You def need a vacation, but it could be environmental like mold, or a health issue like sinuses.
    Sometimes sinus infections take on sore throat/run down symptoms because they are so clogged.
    All of us with diabetes have compromised immune systems so we always seem to be ripe for whatever bug (s) are flying around!

    Feel better soon and know that you are loved and appreciated very much!!

  6. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  7. I get those days too. :/ I hope you don't get sick.


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