Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blood Sugars Be Damned . . .

some times you just NEED a good cupcake.

More on where and when these cupcakes were found in a future post.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Haha. You would LOVE NYC - we have cupcakes galore here. What kind is this?

  2. I'm with Allison... what kind is it? My BG is rising just looking at that massive glob of delicious, creamy frosting :D

  3. Yummy looking!

    Did you know there's a cupcake van that drives around in Fairfield County? I've yet to see it, but I hear the desserts are delish!!

  4. Yummy yummy!!! Specially in My tummy!

    I agree, sometimes you just Need....

    Hope you enjoyed every last crumb!


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