Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy for Bond

Over the years I've always enjoyed 007 movies, but mostly went to see them because Pea loves them so much.  All that changed when Daniel Craig started playing James Bond.  I've never been one for blondes, but I'm loving the Blonde Bond.  Suddenly I've got a school-girls crush.

So this time, it was me who was counting down to the release of the newest Bond film.  Over the weekend we went to see it.  Although I thought Casino Royale was better, I really enjoyed this one too.  And suddenly, I'm seeing Bond everywhere . . . . even in my diabetes.

I take my juice-boxes shaken, not stirred.
I am Licensed to Pump.
I try to keep my carb count down, but Ten Grams is not Enough.
I test my blood so much they call me Redfinger.

Want to put a little Bond in your life too?  It's easy . . .
Blood testing in public?  The results are For Your Eyes Only.
What to do if you've eaten your dinner and you still want more?  Easy, You Only Bolus Twice.
We all know the biggest diabetes misconception out there is Never Say Sugar Again!
And sadly, for now, Diabetics are Forever.


  1. If you really have a schoolgirl crush, were you aware that actor Daniel Craig appears completely nude (full frontal) in the movie "Love Is the Devil"? There's something to add to your Netflix list!

  2. Great and funny list Karen. "Ten Grams is not Enough" link not working though. Supposed to be a reference to "The World is Not Enough"?

    Either way. He is a looker alright! ;-)

  3. I'm hot for him too. We still haven't seen the movie though - maybe this weekend.

  4. haha your puns are too cute! love it :)


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