Thursday, September 4, 2008


Six months ago, I had my annual dilated eye exam.  For the first time ever, the eye doctor found a leaky vessel.  In my left eye.  It was small, and she told me that after almost 29 years with diabetes, this was bound to happen.  She reassured me that there was no reason to be alarmed right now, but that we should keep a close eye on it.  (Hahahahaha, close EYE on it!!  I crack myself up.)

So today, we took another look.  (Tee hee, LOOK.  Okay, enough puns?)

The good news is, the bleeder in my left eye is gone.

The bad news, now there is one in my right eye.

Sigh.  Again, it's very small and not in a "dangerous" part of my eye.  For now, we'll wait another six months and check again. 

But we know what that means.  Six more months for me to worry about the state of my eyes.  Damn this disease is frustrating some times.


  1. Maybe the second one will go wherever the first one went. Since there's not much you can do, TRY not to worry too much, do the things you can do to stay healthy.

  2. I know it's unsettling when you get these initial eye issues, but if they get any worse, they'll just laser you up, and as long as you keep your BG's in check, it probably won't progress. If it weren't for all the cool procedures they have these days to fix this stuff, I know I'd be blind in at least one eye, probably both. My doctor pretty much fixed everything though. The eye for which I had the vitrectomy is 25/20, and that's about the worst of it. I hope once you get over the initial 'ugh...' feeling, you won't dwell on it.

  3. I had a very small bleeder in my left eye about 6 years ago. It disappeared at the next appointment. No more since, but I do have the cloudiness on both my eyes that indicates that I am getting the start of a stigmatisim (I don't know if I spelled that right). Right now it doesn't effect my eyesight at all, but my doctor says it's normal with 23 years of diabetes. He also says he's surprised I've got such good eyes.
    It's scary though...


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